Wednesday, 14 November 2007

wedding invitations

My first of three brothers is getting married in February. He and his darling finance asked me to design and sew up their invites (so don't tell or show any one) her is one of my design drawings

Their brief was that they wanted something sewn and red and with a couple together and love heart leaves.

This is a picture of a piece I did for a show back in July at Alluvial

The pattern is from a some very old wall paper I discovered in a little old stone cottage called Tutes cottage in Castlemaine. I did a residency there way back in 2005 as apart of the Castlemaine state festival with a regional collaborative group that I sometimes work with called FOURCAST

So any how I have been repeating this pattern quite a lot and re-using for J&C wedding invitation - I hope to get it nearly all embroidered this weekend. Their wedding is on the 16th of Feb and they will be itching to send out their invites.


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