Saturday, 28 February 2009

Saturday afternoon at View Street Festival

View street was closed off the traffic with stalls, bands and kids activities. I ran into a lot of people I hadn't seen for ages - including my parents!

Colleen and I agreed that Bendigo know how to have a great festival and playground.

My boys sleeping in xxxx

Friday, 27 February 2009

Art Cards

Kd stayed home yesterday from school due to the high fire danger as did Hj. J and I both worked half days. I don't think the day was really bad as we were lead to believe. Oh well.

This means I have to now work a full day today on a Saturday all by myself in front of a computer - oh drats!!!

Wednesday was Kd's last preppie midweek holiday and we did some crafting. Kd is making art cards for an international kid's art card swap. We are also making a special bubby present too. Shhhh, keep that under wraps - this bubba is arriving any minute now!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Graduating to school Mum

For me the start of the week I am at home mum - by the end of the week I am a project manager and glued to my emails and mobile phone.

I like both - but it is a strange uncomfortable juggle with the feeling that you never really do anything properly. Sometimes getting the kitchen bench wiped down, the washing on the line and beds made is a really amazing achievement.

This week however I did feel like I am a fully fledged Mum with kids at school. I am down to do reading with Kd's class on Tuesday afternoons and dance class for 2 year olds (and their Mum's) in the morning.

Then in those moments inbetween OPSHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or a sneaky five minute nap on the couch!

Our new 50cent mugga-chino Mugs!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday afternoon

Had this drawing in mind for a while - another girl at the piano. These piano drawings started with my soon to be sister in law inviting me to do some drawing and stitching work for her first album.

But thanks also to that wonderful online drawing community out there - you keep me sane. The shot of my studio was inspired by Paper Crane.

But also I must admit the pressure I am feeling with a solo show I have coming up at Ararat - really having trouble balancing all my responsibilities and meeting creative deadlines. A deep inner trouble....


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