Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas Badges

This year I had the brilliant idea of making Christmas badges as little gifts on cards.

They are embroidered pieces using my improvised version of Button hole filling and some text. A local designer, Lyndsay Meager, her shop and blog is here, runs a badge making business and she whipped them up for me.

Biscuit making today to give with the tags!

Here is what button hole filling is supposed to look like; I couldn't managed to get the loop under right; so just looped then tucked.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Transformer Snuggy Rug

Yesterday morning was spent in the studio with my darling son. It took a while to get him into the "mood" for making - really he wanted to make a racing car from plastic and glass - and being a hack stitcher I can't facilitate this. (do my best to be supermum!) Any how after making some spectacular covers for notepad Christmas presents we got into some sewing and he is right into snuggy rugs and decided that he would have a bash at making his own transformer snuggy.

With my help we stitched it onto a large piece of fleece and instant snuggy. He slept all night with it last night! (although in his bed and not on the floor - this pic is just a try out!)

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Drawing : family connections

This image isn't so good as I shot it behind glass after it was framed.

It is a pencil drawing I did for my mother in law - she is going to hang it in her kitchen.

It is call Family Connections: from a small drawing series I did just after Kd was born

Sunday, 9 December 2007

a little unsure

We went and visited a space that I am showing at next September in Melbourne called TROCADERO. I really liked the space I am working in (pictured above) and that was really exciting - but gee I hated the art that was in there and it is out Footscray - but I really liked being in Foostcray too... hmmm

Very undecided

Mostly undecided as I have a show coming up at Craft Victoria in November as well plus working plus being a mummy.... hmmmm


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