Friday, 30 November 2007

They Sold before the opening!

Got a phone call late this afternoon and both pieces I was fretting over last night have sold right before the opening how is that!

I am feeling full of confidence as I made them deliberately as a test to see if they would sell and they did as soon as they went up - I was concerned that my work wasnt connecting to people and sure enough it is - but would I really pack it all in if it was a flop?

Hell NO!

Here is a little snippet of a work that I am making as apart of a crafty blog exchange thing. It has been initiated by an amazing woman called Meg McElwee and from her blog

Our instructions are:

To your partner, you will send:

1.) One handmade holiday decoration. Decorations made from any kind of medium are acceptable – from fabric to yarn, paper to paint.

2.) Your favorite holiday recipe.

3.) A "Tradition" Tutorial. This is description of one of your family's special holiday traditions. If needed, you should provide step by step instructions. (For example, if your family makes graham cracker candy houses each year, you would provide more concrete instructions.) You might also consider sending along a couple of photos of the tradition in action.

My partner is Stacey and she has a blog too.

This week the last week of spring and just before the first week of December I have finally started making my Christmas cards.

Here is a sneak preview

got a bird theme happening - this year.

Thursday, 29 November 2007


I have two little works in a show opening on Saturday - it is a group Christmas show at Alluvial Gallery in Bendigo - for some reason the gallery director hasn't uploaded images of my work on the site (the dreadful doubt pit settles in my tummy with the thought she doesn't like my work or worse it ISN'T art) ; yet she has uploaded all the other artists exhibiting hmmmm

This work is called Leaf Sample 1: (from the experimentation interior stitch series)
Leaf Sample 1: (from the experimentation interior stitch series)


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