Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sketches for Croome

The darling and soon to be very famous (and perhaps a sister in law - gee can I write that in a blog?) Helen Croome invited me to do some embroidery images for her up and coming album.

Below are the first sketches. Looking forward to hearing what she thinks.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

week end gift sewing (and a gift for me!)

Being broke isn't such a bad thing - it is a wonderful motivator for gift making.

I seem to have a family birthday each month (if not two) to think of - and I am still making my mother's mothers day present - just can't seem to get it right

But this weekend 2 lap top covers finished!

you can see pics from the party here.

and a very special present for me from some very dear friends - thanks I love it

Oh and this clutch - I have had this sitting around to do in my to do baskets on my sewing bench forever - finally finished. A gift for a fellow blogger who kindly sent me a copy of her beautiful drawing zine nearly 6 months ago.


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