Sunday, 22 June 2008

week end gift sewing (and a gift for me!)

Being broke isn't such a bad thing - it is a wonderful motivator for gift making.

I seem to have a family birthday each month (if not two) to think of - and I am still making my mother's mothers day present - just can't seem to get it right

But this weekend 2 lap top covers finished!

you can see pics from the party here.

and a very special present for me from some very dear friends - thanks I love it

Oh and this clutch - I have had this sitting around to do in my to do baskets on my sewing bench forever - finally finished. A gift for a fellow blogger who kindly sent me a copy of her beautiful drawing zine nearly 6 months ago.


Our journey said...

mmm...pity we don't have a laptop! The bags look great!

standing said...

Oh, the laptop covers are great. What lucky friends to have you. *

And they say technology is impersonal....geez.

tiel said...

is that an ONLY MIDGE purse? I have one with the same fabric and love it so much.


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