Saturday, 13 June 2009

Reading Report

So while I haven't been even thinking about blogging I have been READING:

After the first death,Robert Cormier (teenage fiction - blow your mind away and takes you into corners of your mind to examine Fear)

Sleeping dogs Hartnett, Sonya Harnett (teenage fiction - blow your mind away and takes you into corners of your mind to examine Fear)

The long way home Audrey Howard (trash - great for a bath)

The witch's trinity, Erika Mailman. (trash - great for a bath)

Garden spells, Sarah Addison Allen. (trash - great for a bath)

The omnivore's dilemma : a natural history of four meals, Michael Pollan - watch your supermarket world fall upside down....

The discovery of slowness : a novel, by Sten Nadolny ; translated by Ralph Freedman. I completely recommend that EVERYONE must read this book.

It was report and parent teacher interviews a week or so ago - Kd went OK - in my clean up of the filing cabinet I had a quick skim over my reports to find the comment from my darling Year 5 teacher:

"For a person with such reading talents as Tamara has her word attack skills are limited, and this area of learning is still below that which is expected of her." Report from Mrs Richards Year 5 1985

My Grandmother was informed by Mum's prep teacher that Mum would never write properly - however Mum recently published and launched another book Star Jumps - I havent read this since last year as it makes me cry - it is about the farm that we grew up on. I miss this place terribely - the other night I dreamed I took my children there so they could hear the sound of the wind during winter.

The wind there explained everything and was like a good book to read - the ultimate winter comfort.


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