Saturday, 21 March 2009

fixed to a line

Doesn't it look like our house is being gently pulled up into the sky?

Our house is on the market now - a for sale sign out the front and it is listed on a real estate web site.

It has been hard work getting it ready for sale. We are all really enjoyed having a de-cluttered living space - much more livable!

Saturday night I finished piece for the Castlemaine State Festival it is ready to be packaged and delivered tomorrow. This work is curiously biblical. Reminding me of the story of Noah and the great flood and the promise of peace and goodwill after destruction.

But is also makes me think of this photo at the top of this post our house. Of the power line connecting us to the grid - but it looks like our house is about to lift off into the sky. Perhaps there is a another work to be made of our house at the end of the stick the dove is carrying.

I wish I stitched this whole thing in grey and didn't introduce colour. I thought the blue would give the feeling of hope - but it doesn't at all. A bird carrying a stick is enough symbolism of hope - colour really isn't required at all.

More Quinn

He is nearly 10 days old now! Off to visit him today with a yummy tea for Quinn's Mum & Dad.

Isn't that turtle nearly as cute - pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing

I forgot to take a photo of him finished! My darn camera memory cards have died and my recharable batteries are not recharging. Blast technology.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Last week's stitching

Kd and I enjoy our studio moments together - but they are much more infrequent now that he is at school 5 days a week.

Kd drew onto the fabric using a washable fabric pen - I then embroidered the drawing - using colours that he picked.

Lots of Mum's have done this - and the inspiration for me came from Amanda Soule's book Creative Family and also the Angry Chicken's Bend the Rules Sewing - essential reads for any crafty Mummy.

Here are some lovelies here too

Wednesdays are my complete days of joy - as they are spent in the studio. Here is a sneak preview of my work in progress. Gee not sure if I like it - let's see what I think in the studio tonight.

This work needs to hurry up an resolve itself - due for delivery next week for a local festival - it is mentioned here

And Yes, I always sew with a hand gun sitting next to me!

Our new special joy

Darling Quinn, my sister's son, took a very long time to arrive. I was so very pleased and happy to have my sister call me in as a support person to her home birth. All together I was with her for over 24 hours - although she laboured much longer than this.

I was not prepared for the emotion of the birth - I have been crying all over the weekend.

But now deeply in love with this little boy. Isn't he just incredible.


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