Saturday, 29 December 2007

more Christmas making exchanges

My family is rather large with six children (me and five brothers and sisters) in all and to make Christmas affordable and fun we have started a hand made chris cringle - this year being the second.

My last post was of the miraculous lap top cover I made (seriously proud of myself) and here are some pics of the lap top cover & the new owner and some other gifts made by my family (sorry I haven't documented them all - next year I will do this - sometimes Christmas grumpiness gets the better of my mind)

This is the amazing and wonderful apron made by my sister R by my sister soon to be C - it even came in its own little pouch - I have been making a lot of hints that an apron like this would make an excellent birthday present for me!

This is a coffee banger thing - no idea what it is called and it is a really bad picture of this useful gadget; although a good pic of J being very appreciative of the gift made by my Dad.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Lap top Christmas pressie

This little project was very exciting for me - thanks to E for the pattern making assistance and boost of confidence & also the inspiration of my family who do a hand made criss cringle!

This is a lap top cover I made for my mac mad brother in law.

The stitching reads geeking - but a bad quality image and the stitching a very close colour to the fabric!


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