Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Friday Archives

Ok I am going to try and keep up with Claire's initiative The Friday Archives.

This is a piece of work I did back in 2002 for a show that I curated for Next Wave called Plaster the Covers!

I had a wonderful and free lovin' relationship with my scanner and colour photocopier.

You know I dont think I even ended up showing this work - but I love it.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Drawings of installation for a Little Ladylike tinkling & smearing

Installation view of pieces I am working on for A Little Ladylike Tinkling and Smearing

In the front you see the Cubby (which I wrote about here) and in the background the large wall piece with my champion sketch of Bendigo's Alexandra Fountain

This is a view of what you will see in the cubby - thinking of scanning my long stitch work and getting printed onto silk to make some lovely cushions for inside the cubby - any leads for this job - your comments are welcome.

In case you are wondering the black thing is a projector and it is projecting an image of a cat feeding her kittens.

Today I started some research and collecting images to work from for the black and white annimation I am putting together - really took me back to preparing for birth and also the birth experience. Things like the stages of labour and the positions your body is within, the use of rugs/cushions/light/props and other people during birth - all good thinking and plenty of more research activity.


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