Monday, 28 June 2010

An Enlightment update

My residency with the Kyneton Museum is kicking along and I would like to share with you the most recent fabric donations!

These donations are unfortunately anonymous. (thank you!) I am eagerly awaiting further pieces to come on in with recent local media activity.

These scraps are left over from my children's pinafores and some patchwork pieces that were never made. Anonymous Donator

Memories of a life when there was time to sew! Fabric from favourite times which never quite made it into a quilt, and some that did. lovely light and flowery fabrics from little girl's dresses made throughout the '70s and '80s for my friend's children. Hard to believe that I have held onto these scraps for so long! Anonymous Donator

Lace from my outfit when I became Godmother to a darling girl now 26 years old!
Anonymous Donator

Online I have found some projects that I find inspiring and add a to the context of this project - I really like Craig Walsh's (Australian) project Digital Odyssey. Check out the patchwork screen that was made to show local stories from people who have donated items about the idea of home.

The second project is Passage Quilts by Sherri Lyn Wood (USA)who I think works on a commission basis to put together "grief quilts" and also within a community arts project.

Craig Walsh: Digital Odyssey
, A Museum of Contemporary Touring Project is a two-year tour and artist residency, which brings internationally regarded Australian artist Craig Walsh’s distinctive artwork to locations throughout the country. For this innovative and ambitious project, Walsh is travelling around Australia in a mobile living and working environment, developing and presenting temporary or semi-permanent large-scale public projection works that are responsive to regional history, local stories and the surrounding landscape.

He is currently in Cairns, and we are inviting the local community to get involved in the construction of the collaborative screen for the Cairns installment of the HOME project.

Craig and Hiromi will be setting up in the artist run gallery Crate59, and we would love Cairns locals and visitors to visit the gallery to contribute materials and get involved in the making of the screen. Your participation could be as brief or as long as you want. You can even just drop in for a coffee to have a chat and find out more about the Digital Odyssey project.

Items donated can relate to what ‘a sense of home is’, or could be textiles and objects constructed specifically for the project. When the screen is complete, it will be hung and large-scale videos of people discussing what home means to them them will be projected onto its surface.

Passage Quilts : An active bereavement & transition process utilizing the clothing and materials of life by Sherri Lyn Wood

French Hand Sewing

Last week I attended a great little morning stitching workshop at the Bendigo Art Gallery - all about French Hand Sewing.

I learnt how to pin tuck as above - I think I will be using this one quite a bit
fun, simple and effective.

I am hoping to get into sewing some pretty nighties for summer soon

Attended a fantastic show of drawings at La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre on the weekend by Philip Hunter

I love seeing drawings for joy, lines for love. I like also how his drawings are so silent and speechless. Inimate nothing - just like the place I came from and carry within me.

Philip Hunter
Untitled (Acheron) 1997 charcoal and conté on paper


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