Saturday, 21 February 2009

Loddon River Picnic

Great way to spend a late Saturday afternoon next to a quiet River during the late Summer. We sat right next to some ancient trees and rocks. I heard the river and the wind talking to each other when we went for a walk. The wind flew down and rippled tickly on the surface, I think they have been friends for a long time.

Thanks Jase for organising this special evening at the perfect, but very low, Loddon River. Also a special thanks for the Long Gully crew who pulled up and pumped out Star Fm for us to enjoy while we ate our meal.

This was my treasure find on the way out of the reserve - a special bark necklace.

Last Weeks Warrnambool Trip

At the opening of Come on the Scene, Warrnambool with the very special Carly Preston (in the middle) and the darling Trevor Flinn.

Me in my latest opshop find in Colac - half price day - perfect therapy for calming nerves after a car accident.

Hmmmm - I wonder why I have one hand in my pocket - what am I trying to hide? It seems that I haven't given up hope of pretending that my bottom isn't really that big!

Here are some more special people that I caught up with in Warrnambool for a quick breakfast. Again life arriving to me in my thirties in little snatches of wonder.
This is Kel who I spent many leisurely hours enjoying life while we were meant to be at Uni - what a great time before mobile phones, ipods and the internet thing... In fact we were living in caves around smokey camp fires and scratching our bellies - how did my bottom get so big without a computer for so long in my life?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Slicing, fighting and winning

Did you know that I have three awe inspiring brothers.

One winning bike races

One fighting fires, right now as you read this - prayers and love with you Sammy

The other a programmer and server of yummy things.

However, no matter how brave they are, I do know how to freak them out. Check out these stitches I got in my head on Monday.


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