Saturday, 25 July 2009

Lighting my life

Busy day today. It started with a yoga - gee my teacher is brilliant - she is in her mid 60s - vibrant and wonderful got me doing hand stands and backbends and really brought me out of my repetative negative rut xxxx Often I walk away from this class with lots of new insights into myself. Today I reflected on some of my tatics to stay distant from people - such as being a teacher or leader.

Then breakfast with another special woman my nan - she is in her early 80s and is managing at home still without her husband - sad but curageous. Nan tells me is often is shocked at how lonely old age is. Yet she is bright, loving and positive. I left with a lovely warm belly.

Then work for a few hours and ticked 3 things off my to do list. YAY

Then off to a Home Birth luncheon that my darling husband cooked to share; yummy mini pizza squares. Below is a picture of my hyped up children, myself and my darling midwife who, with me and my husband, delivered both our children in our home.

Here is another woman who takes my breath away and leaves me tinged green. Elsa Mora - she is American and some how I stumbled over her flickr then blog site - she is an incredible artist (snipper and crafter) and a shining beam on celebrating ourselves as women. (that is if, dear reader, you are a woman!)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Avent in cross stitch

Getting stuck into a project that I have thought joyfully about the past couple of Christmas's. A cross stitch Advent stocking.

Mum taught me how to cross stitch, with careful references to the revered cross stitchers in our family and close friends (Great Granny and also Wendy, Mum's best friend who passed away after fighting cancer).

As usual, the desired has been fired by a blog post by Soule Mamma back in 2007.

I have been collecting little trinkets and I will also make bits and pieces for the kids to open each day leading up to Christmas. In previous years I have simply made an Advent activity calendar in envelopes. I also spotted an great dead bush for our Christmas tree this year too.

I am looking forward to having a house with more space in it to enjoy Christmas this year (hopefully!)


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