Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Last night at the studio

Last night continued on with my home made birthday gift challenge - goodness with a birthday nearly every week and it won't get any easier with an ever expanding family! But I do love making things - would do this any day - really can't stand shopping.

Here is my second scarf attempt and also a little handbag pouch for secrete note book writings or list making stationary - something ensures my hand bag is always heavy to lug around. Again these gifts are made out of fabric cut off that would have otherwise been thrown out or discovered in op-shops. (OK op-shopping I can manage)

Here is a another treasure sporting her Christmas gift.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Baby - she is a gift - but so far away my heart cries

How can I ever be as clever as my sister to make a precious beauty such as she?

Madeleine Joyce Whitty
3.36 kgs
Born 4.05 am 20th April

And a little passage I have been musing on from my current favourite author:

"She is the gift that carries our songs into the ocean where all stories mingle. Too soon many things will claim her - the man she loves, the children she bears, the tasks and the duties that bind her to life - and so a mother loves a daughter as something more precious than any love, because though we many love her with an infinite tenderness we much teacher to swim."

The River Wife
by Heather Rose


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