Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Baby - she is a gift - but so far away my heart cries

How can I ever be as clever as my sister to make a precious beauty such as she?

Madeleine Joyce Whitty
3.36 kgs
Born 4.05 am 20th April

And a little passage I have been musing on from my current favourite author:

"She is the gift that carries our songs into the ocean where all stories mingle. Too soon many things will claim her - the man she loves, the children she bears, the tasks and the duties that bind her to life - and so a mother loves a daughter as something more precious than any love, because though we many love her with an infinite tenderness we much teacher to swim."

The River Wife
by Heather Rose


Life's a poem said...

what a lovely quote and so true- clever sewing too- Madeleine has been wearing your hand stitched singelets. xxx

Sime said...

I love this post Tam, and that turtle looks super cute too :) I have a friend that would love that. xo


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