Wednesday, 4 February 2009


A girl who always knows what hat for the occasion.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to make an art smock or library bag for Kd and his prep year- I am very good at talking myself out of using a sewing machine. However I did enjoy myself stitching these little beauties up.

Still experiencing the anxious Mum thing with Kd starting school - have I done enough to prepare him? Am I there enough for him before and after school - have I wrecked his life by sending him to creche? Am I communicating in a positive way to him? Mummy guilt.

Hang on some more worrying - is he sitting in the shade to eat his lunch? Has he got friends to eat lunch with? Does he worry and feel anxious at school?

I wish I could go to school for him -

Hetty was wondering why people go to school. I replied to her by saying; We go to school to learn things so that when you are an adult you don't get lost, because you will know about lots of things, and it is easy to get lost when you are an adult.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The First Day

Yes J and I did cry and got lost in the crowds of parents & no one warned me how hard it is to get a park - biking it into school will be much easier.

Kd settled into his new environment very quickly. He found a group of boys, a car mat and some hot wheels and I had to ask him to kiss and cuddle me good bye.

Packing lunch boxes & afternoon tea are now my major interest in life - I am off to do some strawberry smoothie ice blocks and rum balls now.

Thanks for everyone passing on loving wishes for this mile stone in Kd's life.


- incase your wondering he tucked his shirt in himself!

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