Sunday, 1 February 2009

The First Day

Yes J and I did cry and got lost in the crowds of parents & no one warned me how hard it is to get a park - biking it into school will be much easier.

Kd settled into his new environment very quickly. He found a group of boys, a car mat and some hot wheels and I had to ask him to kiss and cuddle me good bye.

Packing lunch boxes & afternoon tea are now my major interest in life - I am off to do some strawberry smoothie ice blocks and rum balls now.

Thanks for everyone passing on loving wishes for this mile stone in Kd's life.


- incase your wondering he tucked his shirt in himself!


tjoyy said...


Sime said...

he looks so cute!

A little cautious in the first photo and a little excited yet shy in the 2nd.
Tell him that uncle sime couldn't read and write for at least 2 weeks of starting school.

Did he like his alphabet book? or was it too young for him with no megatrons or bumble bees in it?

tjoyy said...

He does look cute - all grown up a big Preppie now. Every night after school its "daddy can we play cricket now" hes got a mean strike off the bat over the fence most shots. Look out facing his bowling, hes a quicky.

He loves is alphabet book its such a great book enjoyed by all, l would have died for something like that as a kid. But l only had a little black board and chalk!


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