Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Recent Drawing inspired by the Dunkeld 2010 International Tree Drawing Competition

Join in the Dunkeld Tree Drawing competition for National Tree Day

Yep they really need to be scanned before submitting - and remember it must be in black and white...

But these works are directly from a Sampler in the Kyneton Museum - by a young woman back in the 1800s.

Plently more drawing fun there and also stitching these works up for my Kyneton exhibition happening in September!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

She has arrived!

A little while a go I posted about a doll I started to make for Hj and I am proud to say that I have finished it - although the sewing is not the bestest of all bestest I love her & I hope Hj does too!

Here she is sitting in a doll crib that my Grandfather made for me & now Hj's Great Grandfather. I am also giving this to Hj for her fourth birthday. I made a little quilt for her and today I found some doll blankets that my Great Grandmother made for me!

Today she started playing with my old barbies - I am so glad Mum saved them. I would have thrown them out for sure. We spent quite a bit of time playing together today - didnt get any of my household chores done!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Observation of Design Elements

I have to admit making jewellery is a new adventure for me and Places and Pieces is just the push I needed to try out this addictive form of making.

This post is a tutorial about using observation of design in landscape to create a body of work. It is aimed at year 11 students and is to be delivered as a hand out to complement class discussion.

In future posts I will provide tutorials on making paper jewllery using two techniques!

Selecting line, colour, tone, texture, shape, sound and form to create new jewellery that reflects place in a geographic, cultural and personal sense.

This is a native ground cover I discovered one day on my regular walk. I have been walking along this industrial path next to a factory and train line for nearly a year and never spotted this brave hardy plant before. It was a joy to discover in an area so dominated by industrial activity.
I was taken by the sweet, round petite shape of the leaves, the bending, yet reaching form of the braches and the mono, flat and blending tones of the bush. Picking a stork I popped it in some water and took some sketches. My drawing is dominated by line and shape.

As I worked drawing I reflected upon another artist’s work that I recently viewed, by David Neale. As I drew I thought about ways I could replicate these elements in 3D

I thought about using:
- small stones
- clay
- paper
- fabric and leather

I thought about these materials because they are familiar to me and I have a great deal of confidence and pleasure in using them.

The resulting works from my drawing and playing I will post in the coming days.


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