Tuesday, 6 July 2010

She has arrived!

A little while a go I posted about a doll I started to make for Hj and I am proud to say that I have finished it - although the sewing is not the bestest of all bestest I love her & I hope Hj does too!

Here she is sitting in a doll crib that my Grandfather made for me & now Hj's Great Grandfather. I am also giving this to Hj for her fourth birthday. I made a little quilt for her and today I found some doll blankets that my Great Grandmother made for me!

Today she started playing with my old barbies - I am so glad Mum saved them. I would have thrown them out for sure. We spent quite a bit of time playing together today - didnt get any of my household chores done!


Rochelle said...

Just gorgeous Tam - I love it, and sure Hetty will too! A brilliant photo as well - well done Mummy!

Life's a poem said...

great work- well done a cutie- glad Hetty loves dolls- she'll love this for her fourth birthday!! I'm trying to find my barbie doll patterns.

nattyj said...

You've done a beautiful job Tam! Look forward to meeting the little doll. x


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