Saturday, 21 February 2009

Loddon River Picnic

Great way to spend a late Saturday afternoon next to a quiet River during the late Summer. We sat right next to some ancient trees and rocks. I heard the river and the wind talking to each other when we went for a walk. The wind flew down and rippled tickly on the surface, I think they have been friends for a long time.

Thanks Jase for organising this special evening at the perfect, but very low, Loddon River. Also a special thanks for the Long Gully crew who pulled up and pumped out Star Fm for us to enjoy while we ate our meal.

This was my treasure find on the way out of the reserve - a special bark necklace.


Anonymous said...

these kids are in for a shock when these rivers eventually fill up

Fatty fat fat said...

Tam this is a beautiful post. This is exactly why I work in river
health - so that people can enjoy the envioronment, and draw
inspiration. I was stoked reading this - makes me very happy to see
you and Jase and the kids out on the river.


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