Monday, 16 March 2009

Last week's stitching

Kd and I enjoy our studio moments together - but they are much more infrequent now that he is at school 5 days a week.

Kd drew onto the fabric using a washable fabric pen - I then embroidered the drawing - using colours that he picked.

Lots of Mum's have done this - and the inspiration for me came from Amanda Soule's book Creative Family and also the Angry Chicken's Bend the Rules Sewing - essential reads for any crafty Mummy.

Here are some lovelies here too

Wednesdays are my complete days of joy - as they are spent in the studio. Here is a sneak preview of my work in progress. Gee not sure if I like it - let's see what I think in the studio tonight.

This work needs to hurry up an resolve itself - due for delivery next week for a local festival - it is mentioned here

And Yes, I always sew with a hand gun sitting next to me!

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