Thursday, 26 February 2009

Graduating to school Mum

For me the start of the week I am at home mum - by the end of the week I am a project manager and glued to my emails and mobile phone.

I like both - but it is a strange uncomfortable juggle with the feeling that you never really do anything properly. Sometimes getting the kitchen bench wiped down, the washing on the line and beds made is a really amazing achievement.

This week however I did feel like I am a fully fledged Mum with kids at school. I am down to do reading with Kd's class on Tuesday afternoons and dance class for 2 year olds (and their Mum's) in the morning.

Then in those moments inbetween OPSHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or a sneaky five minute nap on the couch!

Our new 50cent mugga-chino Mugs!

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Fatty fat fat said...

Tam, I think you are a brilliant juggler of time. You are a sounding board for me, and i look to your bloggs to see if your life is more flat out, and it is, then I don't feel as stressed, cause you are coping so well and doing so many good things - like this blogg


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