Sunday, 6 January 2008

Yoga asana for the week

This is Kisen (from a Pure and Simple Yoga; a book I borrowed from the library) he is in Legs up the Wall pose or Viparita Karani.

I have decided to start with my yoga goal of focusing on an asana with a posture I enjoy doing; but don't do enough of and also it is a good quite non-heating pose for the terrible heat we are having.

My yoga teacher once told me this pose, if practiced daily, will lengthen your life - a life giving posture.

More can be read about Viparita Karani, at a site I like to visit by Yoga Journal here

This posture is fantastic for me and my legs which retain water especially in this heat and also washes wonderful blood into my hips; another trouble spot in my body.

It also helps promote peacefulness in the heart and for sleeping - lovely to do just before you jump in bed.

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