Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ararat Drinking Water Fountain

Coming up for me in 2009 is a show at Ararat Art Gallery.

This gallery space is in a very small rural township about 2 hours or so from our home in Eaglehawk. The space specialises in collecting and presenting textile works.

The director is fantastic to work with and last week he emailed through some images of a Water Fountain in the township.

It is a bit tricky to make out the words - but they read Grace, Majesty,

Due to the drought the drinking fountain hasn't been in operation for many years - a waterless fountain. He said each time that he went past the fountain he thinks of my work - isn't that great!

Previous bodies of work include quilts and wall papers of a Queen Victoria Statue here in Bendigo and also a Wall Paper Fountain.

We are visiting Ararat next Wednesday so I can get a good look at this fountain & I hope the beginnings of a new work will unfold!

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