Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Crafty Posts

Thanks to Lauren at Craft Victoria for posting my blog on their site today.

She was interested in this site being a place for documenting the development of my work.

I must say that June Fox has played a big role in all of this - I just adore the way she has set out her blog to capture her idea development. Thanks!

What I like about her site is the layout relates directly to the development of her ideas, then bodies of work from exhibitions and also works in progress.

I also get a kick out of her work as she works in craft based practice, mostly tapestry, then shifts it into animation and film making.

She has a show on the streets of Sydney at the moment for her current residency with First Draft if you are in town you might get to visit her cardboard planetariums.

I have also just discovered someone who first got me hooked into this blogging stuff has just started blogging again. JOY Looking forward to some inspirational reading Loobylu.

1 comment:

the june fox said...

hey wow! loobylu is back! that was one of the first blogs I ever read! huzzah to the mostest!

and thanks for your flattering words - glad it all helps... xk


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