Monday, 11 February 2008

A little lady like tinkling & smearing

This is a sample of a beginning of a work I am putting together for a show at Craft Victoria coming up in November.

Using English piercing patchwork technique that my mum used to make me patchwork quilts when I was little.

This body of work carries on from two previous bodies of work - You Make me Feel at Alluvial (unfortunately this gallery has shut & the web site no longer exists) and the other body of work from collaborative project with a group called FOURCAST.

Fabric used is called Horse Hair, generally used for stiffening in men's coats, although the shop I purchased it from said although it is called Horse Hair it is made from Yaks hair from Nepal! (the link to Horse hair is an article about how to make your own horse hair fabric which sounds very freaky to me and much prefer buying off the roll!)

The lace is a cotton based lace - I don't know what it is called - it is something I picked up at Spot Light and wanted to work with it - since then I have been collecting a variety of cotton laces from a second hand store near out home to incorporate between the card board pieces.

I am enjoying working with the lace as previous works have been without lace.

When chatting to Kate Rhodes before her departure from Craft Victoria as curator she called it fru fru! and loved the contrast between the plain and the decorative, as do I.

More writing to be done about A little lady like tinkling and smearing - this is a quote from George Eliot's Middlemarch and I got directed to this from an article by Germaine Greer discussing women's leisure time in our society, entitled "Why Women don't relax".

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