Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A stitch in kind - late in time

Inspired by my sister who recently got involved in a week of vintage children's books posting I am going to get involved in a week of embroidery posting inspired by Meet Me at Mikes
hosted by Floresita.

I do love embrodiery but to be honest I have never followed a pattern - so I thought I would do two posts about how I create my embroidery patterns.

The work above is on a stretch knit fabric, which was sewn stretched over a painting stretcher (which I get custom made here in Eaglehawk!) - I sew using embroidery thread and I used stem stitch for this piece - although used my creative license a bit!

This design was poached from the front cover of a Home Beautiful type of magazine that I did a quick sketch from. Below is a quick tired mummy scan of my embrodiery design/pattern.

You can find out what happened with this piece of work here


Jackie said...

This is awesome, and I love the other one that is linked to this post. I found you via the week of embroidery. Great fun!

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

This is really beautiful, Tamara! Thank you for showing us and thanks for joining in! I'm so pleased to meet you!

Life's a poem said...

great to show case your obvious talent at art and stitfcchery

tjoyy said...

thanks Mum - all the talent has come from you!


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