Saturday, 26 April 2008

First Children's clothing sewing

Pattern taken from Bend the Rules Sewing - a kiddies cardie for a 18month year old to two years - although I think it might be a bit short for Hj - she is just on 22 months now.

I made it for my niece - it is her first birthday today.  Made from fleece and bias binding.

The instructions directed only to bind the neck and leave a tie to tie up the front - however once I had done this it just looked too unfinished to give as a gift so I bias bindededed it all! - whilst watching the 3.10 to Yuma again and fast forwarding through that terrible scene of someone getting burnt to death in a horse carriage.

Its Ok - I don't really like that coloured fleece - in fact I am not really a fan of fleece at all - but it was so easy to sew with in fact the whole thing was really simple to sew.  I am a bit pleased with myself and I am inspired to make more clothes - especially for my daughter.


Our journey said...

How cute Tam! You are clever, I'm sure she will get lots of wear out of it!

Ebba Redman said...

Thank you for the link you sent me on my blog, really inspiring! I am also really interested in Germaine Greer's comments on the domestic crafts... I need some opposing views for my dissertation.
Lovely little cardigan, I know what you mean about fleece but it is nice and cosy for children :-) Im sure she will look very cute in it.
Thanks again for your comment,
Ebba (Domestic Craft Blog)


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