Sunday, 15 June 2008

Pencil Drawings & Utopia

Have been enjoying myself this week doing some pencil drawings - I haven't really done much of this since the birth of my second child. I have been enjoying my new ipod while drawing and listening to a lot of podcasts from Radio National, Classical ABC and also RRR. This week I listend to

Breakfast with John Gray who talked about how our society is hooked on Utopia (I think it is a law to always write Utopia with a capital U) and thinking about my recent drawings and be they about child birth and children I got reflecting (in that special quiet time during the drive home from the supermarket) that my drawings arent really capturing my emotion of the process of birth - especially my extreme fear and that I am really holding tight onto my Utopian view of childbirth - hmmm think I might need an evening with a philospher to sort me out on this one.


Ellen Coyle said...

Did you mean this one? for some reason it cuts off the last bit in a comment. But that one is amazing. I love it.

It's funny how you talk about being concerned with Utopia in your everyday life, but your work seems to embrace the imperfections that come with the handmade, why is that?

tjoyy said...

Hhhmm - you got me thinking all day.

I think for me Utopia has got more to do with the content or choice of images rather than the process.

I guess I hold lots of Utopian values/ideals in my head of how life should be and how I might experience life and then how my drawings/expressions of exprience arrive.

I am trying to challenge myself to free up a bit and show some handmade imperfect emotion in my drawings -

A good aspiration would be to draw as freely as my spelling!

Catherine said...

These drawings are beautiful! great lines...


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