Tuesday, 12 May 2009

oddly the sameISH

This scroll thing was in the AGE a few weekends back and also in Home Beatiful before Christmas (in my clean up I managed to throw the edition of the magazine out!)

It is by nobody&co - hit products in their side bar then hit scroll table.

I should email them... maybe we will become brilliant friends and they will commission me to do heaps of embroidery work for them - custom made for their rich clients...

I made my scroll table called This Fountain Operates without Water back in 2005 as a studio residency with the Castlemaine State Festival.

Is this sheer coincidence - crazy how we both have used that RED pattern....


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Your scroll table is absolutely gorgeous!!

Meg said...

Hey Tam, Have you seen this?


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