Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent Stockings

Last night I hauled my husband off the couch when I got home from the studio to put up these blasted Christmas Advent Stockings that I have been working on FOREVER. See a post in July here and another in November here.

Unfortunately I did not plan this project very well - I ran out of space cross stitching the numbers on, I ran out of ribbon, now I have ran out of fabric and missing 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13!!!

So some are finished off without love and in mismatched I-thought-I-found-the-right- fabric from a op shop - oh well.

The kids loved them this morning and they are an excellent bribe to get pesty children off to sleep.

Here is a link to other advent making ideas for kids - much less elaborate than mine.

and here from sew mama green

Check out this cute advent pic and here

Best not to follow any of my advice.

Ps did you spy my Italian oven just sitting there - hoping that I may be cooking in this for Christmas lunch - my first attempt at a Pav.

1 comment:

PlanningQueen said...

My oven is broken at the moment and I would love an oven like that! I think the stockings look gorgeous!


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