Monday, 25 January 2010


Thursday night in the bath I finished ready ZEITOUN by Dave Eggers. I chose to read this book as it is one of the books to be discussed on the ABC program the First Tuesday Book Club.

I would have NEVER chosen to read this book. At the moment I have a secrete fad on Scottish historical romances (which somehow in my early thirties I have started reading the same books as my mum that I swore I would never read)

I would have NEVER chosen to read this book as I find it hard to read hardships and tragedy. The imagery of awful things humans can do to one another tends to stay with me and although this can be good triggers to revoke feelings of thankfulness for the peace in my life they push the world and humanity into a deep bleakness.

However Zeitoun I am glad to have read - not for its writing quality, more for its revelation and power and frailty of modern human civilization. It is a true account of a Muslim families experience of Hurricane Katrina and then the hurricane of American authority and paranoia.

The power of compassion and respect for all life is the greatest gift you can give to any person you meet in your day or talk to on the phone.

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nattyj said...

Glad to hear you are making good use of that BIG bath! Sounds like a good book to read - will have to pop on my list of books.


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