Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Finally I am back in the studio

Well for a moment there I thought I was never going to pick up a needle again - I fluffed about cleaning up my studio, got the sewing machine serviced, cut out material and gathered patterns and put projects together in little bags - and now I have finally finished something!

I has been a very special making year for me with Places and Pieces, The Enlightenment Project, Easter in the Conservatory and some smaller commissions. Not forgetting Knotty Ladies came into being!

Right now I am enjoying making gifts for Christmas and sewing for my daughter.

The skirt above took about 15minutes using a tutorial by Oliver & S dead easy I am pleased to crow.

These are some flags for my nephew - he is turning two early December - easy and satisfying to bring them together. I have finished off some other gifts - but I can't post about just yet!


Rochelle said...

Neat! Nice work Tam :)
I finally got to a bit of my softie making today too, but just a bit!
Hetty looks a bit like Nan in this photo I think.

nattyj said...

It's a cute skirt Tam, I saw Hetty wearing it the other day - didn't realise you made it & to only take 15mins- bonus! x


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