Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Saturday just passed I took the train to Melbourne to attend the opening of Places and Pieces - the show just looked fabulous - curated by Rebecca Jobson and furniture design by Erik North.
And this photo of the show is by Rochelle Marwood.

An article about the show is coming up in a local paper on Friday - looking forward to reading the text by Megan Spencer.

But before the opening spectacular I did some sticky beeking around the Nicholas Building - unfortunately a day late for the open studio event - although I did meet a wonderful woman, Robyn, and had a great chat in her studio Harold & Maude. Her work is all about found objects, recycling, remade and renewed. She works also with fabric and paper and pretty much anything. She does a lot of styling for events and has an amazing can do attitude which she celebrates - lovely.

Ever since moving into Melbourne back in the early 1990s (not 1900s) I have loved the city and loved this building.Here is a pic of a paper Christmas decoration she gave me on my departure - what joy and beauty!

Also opened up an world of pondering of how I might set a commerical studio up...

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Anonymous said...

"My life is a series of snatched moments between being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, a friend, project manager and artist. Most of all I like to sleep or pretend I dont exist behind a book."

I could have written this about myself (still working on the 'artist' bit though). I tell people that I feel like my life is one big compromise - something is always at the expense of something else. Ahhh, the art of balance. Do you know the secret?

Nice to 'meet' you.


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