Wednesday, 16 January 2008

library bag blast off or let it all dag out

This is my most recent embroidery work - I had a lovely time at the beach working on this design for Kd's pre-school/kinda library bag.

It is worked up using satin stitch and I was inspired and basically duplicated a design from a lovely book called Creative Needlecraft

I really love using satin stitch - filling up a space with colour and I very much seduced by the colours of embroidery thread. I first worked using satin stitch for a fourcast project early 2006.

It was also fun working on denim - I chopped up a favorite skirt that is a bit big for me now - the fabric is lovely and soft, with a slight stretch

I am really avoiding getting stuck into my serious sewing for my shows coming up - a nice way to spend lazy time at the beach.

(although my son told me, when I showed him the finished design, he wants a teenage mutant ninja turtle library book bag...)


Fatty fat fat said...

that is brilliant tam. i would have loved a matching name tag with my bag and a funky bag like that. and the space rocket looks so good. you are a pretty tops mum.

Life's a poem said...

looks really wonderful what a great embroiderer you are.


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