Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My sister's crafting

I am the eldest of six children; who are all extraordinary and inspiring people. Who, without the knowledge that they are in my life and always who I am I certainly wouldn't dream of and then work towards my dreams

Here is a little of my second little sister's crafting; R (or Chelly pops!)

These are pattern pieces from some fantastic quilts that my Mum made for me - my greatest and most hidden regret is what happened to these quilts - please don't ask - I don't have them any more...

My intention it to make one for my daughter Hj for her second birthday - WATCH me stitch (hope it doesn't end up being her 12th birthday!)

This last picture is my brother restraining himself from going mad (although his muscles look impressive) and my new sister C (ooh and she has her Christmas apron on too - also made by R) - packing wedding invitations - we got ours in the post today and they look fantastic - although it ended up just being my drawing and not my sewing - hhhhmmmm - when am I going to be SUPER MUM?

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