Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I have been absent for awhile - not sure what happened there; maybe the school holidays?

School started again on Monday - which Kd and I are very disappointed about - I really can't work out why children need to go to school 5 days a week - We had wonderful holidays with sleep overs at Grandmas (so J and I could have our own little children free holiday - and of course J got food poisoning...), a trip to the beach with cousins, socceer, friends over for plays and plays at friends houses - bliss really. - But not much time in the studio and online.

Here is a new work I have recently completed for a fundraiser for a Artist Run Space getting itself set up in Warrnambool - called the "F Project".

This work is called piece2 (which is an OK name - struggling to get at the bottom of what I am on about.) I ended up settling on piece2 to relate to another recent work called piece - Animals are starting to appear in my work!

The fabric I worked the "bull" up on is a treasured find from an op shop - I think the lace is hand made. The stitch I used is called Holbein or double running stitch - " is worked in two stages and creates the same effect as backstitch, but gives a much neater appearance on the back of the work. Holbein Stitch is traditionally used in blackwork..." from The Needlecraft Magazine of Embroidery Stitches. - my little sewing bible!

I must also add that the "bull" is copied from a darling drawing that Kd did a few months back - the bull is grazing and looks like a creature that lives in the sky - timeless. I have been scanning a lot of Kd's drawings and will be setting up his own flickr account soonish(!) to share his amazing creations.

After my next show is over I really want to focus on not only sewing for the kids - but teach myself Blackwork. Ah YES after the show is over I am going to....

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