Sunday, 30 December 2007

Late Christmas sewing

Last night in the cool of my cellar I finished off two project that I hoped to give as Christmas gifts.

A little late; but can wrap and share as new years gifts tonight!

Tonight me and the kids are having a sleep over at Mums (Kd has his bag packed on his back already it is 8am!) and my sisters are coming too. We are having a crafting new years party. J if off to a festival to play in a band in Lorne.

Finished Kds snuggy too - he was in the cellar with me while I finished it off - I gave it too him and he told me it isnt the snuggy that he wanted. I felt the same - it is finished but not really with the grand vision that I had.

A quick reference to the source material for the transformer forms on the rug - I used images from a collage that Kd made for his 4th birthday invites

Finally a special gift from my Mum a sewing camel with some embroidery scissors - her web site is here and her blog here so you can learn more about what an amazing woman my mum is. (gee mum is that a proper sentence?)

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Francesca said...

yes, never to late for presents! thanks for your comment on my blog and happy new year!


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