Friday, 4 January 2008

First do to list embroidery

Remember that show I was umming and arring about? Well I still haven't canceled - but naughty me still hasn't paid the deposit for the space. But I have starting making the first piece of the idea I am planning to work with for the show. I am going to submit it as a digital image to a friend who is starting a zine here in Bendigo.

Then I added some scribble (thanks Hj)

The work is on a thin glossy paper that I picked up years back from a church charity photocopy business - it used to be used in photocopying process some how years ago - it is quite strong and forgiving to the needle and thread.

The thread I used for the text is a lovely black cotton I found at an op shop year ago too on a black spool and it would have to be my most favoritest thread there is - it is nice and thick and sure of itself.

For the scribble it is an embroidery thread - I really should have used brown - I need to do some crafty shopping.

Here is the work as a scan, which I am quite excited about!

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sam lamb said...

I love this - the materials are a perfect choice!


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