Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year Resolutions

I got a phone call early this week from a writer from one of our local papers and she invited me to write a 100 word piece about my New Years Resolutions for 2008. So I had a bash at it and once I started writing I couldn't stop Here is the text that will be in print today.

I have broken my 2008 New Years resolutions! 2008 is looking busier than 2007. I am a mother of two darlings and work as a producer and artist. 2008 is looking exciting with the festival I am producer of the Australian regional projects with Next Wave Festival taking place in May and two solo shows coming up in Melbourne of my sewing.

I am a bit of a goal/organitional-kind-of person and last year my New Years resolutions were about daily activities to build into our routine; like practicing yoga and drawing daily and being a loving and compassionate wife! I wasn’t too bad (was I J?)

Similarly this year I am focusing energy on active sustainability goals for my family and myself. Little day to day things like changing from commercial cleaning products to making our own; making our own dog food rather than buying canned food. Excitingly I received a bike for Christmas from my brother who made it from parts he found at the tip (the bike is called called the Intimidator!) and I can now ride my bike to gym, the local shops and the kiddies to crèche and preschool.

You can find out more about my work as an artist and a mother and how my sustainability goals are coming along at my blog

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